College Credit Application

Congratulations on earning a College Credit Recommendation Report through NOCTI.  This application is for individuals seeking a transcript through Excelsior University.  An electronic signature from the individual who earned the College Credit Recommendation Report is required.  Applications submitted with another signature will be rejected. 

BEFORE COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION- Please contact your college to confirm they will accept the College Credit Recommendation Report and will need the official transcript.

  • -The fee for transcript services is $72.00. 
  • -Upon receipt of the application NOCTI will verify the test score.
  • -An invoice will be emailed with instructions for submitting payment through NOCTI’s secure payment portal. 
  • -Once payment is received the application will be processed and submitted to Excelsior University.
  • -Excelsior College will mail a student transcript to the address indicated on the application, along with instructions for accessing their online portal. From that point, the student can order an official transcript to be sent directly to their college.
*mandatory fields

Please enter the name and email for the student seeking a transcript